Getting Help For A Colleague

Most of us would be motivated to help a friend or colleague if they became ill. Australian culture dictates we don’t leave mates behind – but the stigma associated with initiating a conversation with someone who may have misuse issues can be awkward. HIMS Australia is able to connect you with confidential guidance and support.

Getting Started...

It is normal to feel apprehensive about discussing your concerns about a friend or loved one, however, your decision to do so can be lifesaving.

HIMS is not intended to deal with vexatious claims about pilots. These have occurred throughout history and will continue to in the future.

All enquiries are handled with the strictest of confidence.

Where To Start

Broach the subject with your colleague first, offer your help and support, take the time to listen if they choose to discuss the matter with you.

Provide your colleague with the HIMS Australia website address, give them our contact details or connect them with a medical health professional.

Encourage your colleague to embark on a treatment and support program. Research what progams are available through the airline, union or industry organisations, such as HIMS Australia.