About HIMS Australia

HIMS Australia is a not for profit incorporated association with the goal of assisting pilots with substance misuse issues to get back in the air in a safe and timely manner using peer support.

The structure of the group is modelled on well-established overseas programmes and tailored to suit the Australian environment. (see links to our colleagues in New Zealand and the United States under the “HIMS Australia Q & A, Other Resources” tab) which has assisted thousands of pilots in returning to work. Here in Australia, it is an industry-wide effort in which employers, unions and CASA will work together to preserve careers and further flight safety.

Who We Are

We are a diverse, apolitical group of aviation professionals, some of us being volunteers having ‘lived experiences’, dealing with our own addiction, now living fulfilling lives and having satisfying careers as professional pilots. The medical Health Professionals involved have a long and successful history helping pilots recover from substance use disorders. Our mission is to get pilots flying again and having that happening as soon as possible. Also, ensuring those close to the affected have the support they need as they are suffering too.