Getting Help For Yourself

If you feel that alcohol or other drugs are impacting your life, we are here to help. All HIMS Australia enquiries are handled with the strictest of confidence. Some of our members have been through substance use problems in the past, and a number of them are now giving back after going through the HIMS process.

You may be unsure if your relationship with substances is significant enough to be a problem. We can put you onto good people talk with to get answers you are looking for.

Getting Started...

Our mission is to help look after the pilots wellbeing, get them in the air again and having that happen in the minimum time possible.

The HIMS Program exists to treat the disease of chemical dependency amongst aviators throughout Australia. For professional pilots, with mutual support and co-operation between the individual’s union and company management, as overseen by CASA; HIMS enables a pathway for an individual to resume exercising the privileges of their licence in recovery thereby strengthening air safety in Australia.

Where To Start

Contacting one of the HIMS Australia representatives listed is a good starting point. (Pilots employed by Virgin Australia or the Qantas Group may prefer to contact their HIMS representative.)

All enquiries will be handled with the strictest of confidence.

Talk candidly with your partner or family members, ask for support and assistance going forward during what could be a challenging road ahead.

Research and learn about the disease, talk to others that may have already been through the same experience and are in recovery.