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Andrew O'Meally - Flying Straight Podcast  Host
Andrew O'Meally - Flying Straight Podcast Host
Andrew O'Meally
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About Flying Straight

Flying Straight is a podcast that includes interviews with people in the flying industry, and other walks of life. They share their experiences of living a life free of alcohol and other drugs. You also hear from experts in the world of addiction and self-improvement.

Join Andrew O’Meally, airline pilot and non-practicing alcoholic, as he takes you on a journey, discovering how a sober life can lead to a deeper level of happiness. New episodes will be released every fortnight.

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An Aviators Guide to Navigating a Sober Life

About Your Host

Andrew O’Meally is an airline pilot living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. Before Covid, he was flying the Airbus A380 between Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Prior to the airlines he flew light aircraft in remote areas such as Papua New Guinea and Australia’s Northern Territory. Andrew embraces positivity in a way he couldn’t imagine when his life was unmanageable because of alcohol around 20 years ago.

He is now the president of AusHIMS, a Not for Profit organisation, getting pilots back in the air after learning how to manage their addiction to alcohol or other drugs. His current interests include going on adventures with his family, studying for his psychology degree and keeping fit.

Flying Straight Transcripts

If you prefer to read each of the Flying Straight episodes HIMS Australia will provide text transcripts of each interview as soon as is possible following the podcast release.

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Published: Sunday, 14th February 2021